Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is the responsibility of all staff members at Loxton High School. All staff members take time to make sure each student is involved and connected with our school.

MyMAP Teachers (previously referred to as Home Group Teachers) play a key role in monitoring students’ wellbeing, by developing a close relationship with each student. They are in an ideal position to help students manage issues as they arise. Good communication from students’ parents/caregivers is a vital link in keeping MyMAP Teachers informed of any student concerns.

If you require more information or require assistance with a concern, please contact your student’s MyMAP or subject teacher as your first contact. Should you then require additional support, the following key staff are available to work with you:

  • Assistant Principal, Junior School & Wellbeing
  • Wellbeing leader
  • Wellbeing Teacher
  • Youth Worker
  • Pastoral Care Worker
  • Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer (ASETO)
  • Learner Inclusion Coordinator

There are a variety of Wellbeing Support opportunities for students including:

  • Breakfast club from 8:00am – 8:30am Wednesday & Friday morning in the Home Ec Centre
  • Lunchtime Activities in The Learning Centre on Tuesday & Friday Lunch times
  • A variety of Extra-curricular Activities offered during the year
  • Wellbeing Hub
  • The Learning Centre
  • Students can make an appointment with the Wellbeing Team at the front office. Alternatively, they can send a Daymap message to the team or make an appointment from the Fishbowl.