Technology Studies

Technology in the middle and senior years provides students with the opportunities to develop technological capabilities through planning, developing and refining design concepts, selecting appropriate materials, analysing and providing the correct information, carrying designs through systems to completion and appraising the outcome.

Middle School and SACE Subjects taught in Technology Studies are as follows:


Students work with hand tools, power tools and large machines. They are able to learn to weld, make furniture, fly electric planes, race model dragsters, build objects for the home; all while learning skills of Numeracy, Literacy, Problem Solving, Communication, ICT, Critical and Creative thinking and developing Personal and Social capabilities.

Year 9 Systems Technology
Year 9 Technology Studies
Year 10 Focus on Metal
Year 10 Focus on Wood
Year 10 Practical Technology for Girls
Year 10 Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CADD)

SACE Stage 1 & 2 Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CADD)
SACE Stage 1 & 2 Furniture Construction
SACE Stage 1 & 2 Welding and Fabrication

Digital Technologies

At Loxton High School Digital Technologies is incorporated into the curriculum using the General Capability of (Information Communication Technologies) ICT by all teachers. All students are encouraged to use ICT equipment to produce quality work, have access to the internet, specialised software and programs, and server storage for their work.

In the Digital Technology subjects students will learn about PC components, network infrastructures, coding and programming.

Year 9 Robotics
Year 9 Digital Technology
Year 10 Digital Technology 1
Year 10 Digital Technology 2