School library

The Loxton High School Library Mission Statement – Is to provide a dynamic client-centred service which will support, enrich and implement the curriculum. The library will be a positive environment where quality learning can occur.

The Loxton High School Library is central to learning across the curriculum areas. Staffed by qualified Teacher Librarians and Library SSO, the library provides students with a place for study, learning, research and recreation.

The library has a current up-to-date fiction collection for students in Year 9-12 as well as an ICRA (I Can Read Anywhere, Anything, Anytime) collection for students in Year 7-8. Our non-fiction collection supports the Australian Curriculum and is enhanced by access to relevant online sources.


The Loxton High School Libguide is a portal of information developed specifically for our school community, available online 24/7 for students and staff. Our Libguide is available at –


Student text books are all issued from the library at the beginning of each semester. The Library also stores and lends sports uniforms and AV equipment.

Open before school and during lunchtimes, students can use the library for homework catch up and study sessions or may relax during lunchtime by reading or playing board/card games.


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