Learner Inclusion Programs

Loxton High School provides Learner Inclusion support to students to meet their individual needs in consultation with parents, caregivers and service providers. Each student with a verified disability, a young person in care or an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student is supported through a One Plan which is a personalized learning plan for the individual student. Students are also supported through access to in-classroom Student Support Officers (SSO) and The Learning Centre (TLC). The Learning Centre provides the opportunity for students to gain additional support to meet their learning needs outside of the formal classroom setting. The Special Education Teacher provides a literacy and numeracy intervention program to assist students who require additional support in this area.
The Learner Inclusion Team works closely with the Department for Education Student Support Services and external service providers such as Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists to best support the students’ individual needs.


Flexible Learning Options (FLO) Program

The FLO Program aims to assist students who seek learning and support outside of a mainstream setting. This program is located at the offsite Independent Learning Centre and offers a variety of opportunities that support students’ education and wellbeing, to ensure they receive educational outcomes suited to their needs. The FLO Teacher and Student Support Officer provides curriculum suited to the needs and interests of the students and we engage the services of Mission Australia to case manage and support our students. The long-term goal for FLO students is to achieve their SACE and make a successful transition to further education or employment. The Department for Education (DfE) FLO Policy has determined that student non-attendance in schooling is the primary indicator for referral to FLO. To be considered for the FLO Program, students must be SACE enrolled and follow the FLO Referral Process through consultation with the FLO Coordinator.