At LHS any member of the school can nominate to be a part of the student leadership group. Students must uphold school values and expectations to be nominated. 

The SRC & Prefect body will collaborate regularly during the year and assisted by the Executive Team. These sessions will aim to develop student leadership capacity through teaching explicit leadership skills i.e., developing public speaking skills, attending leadership courses outside of school, unpacking what makes a good leader etc. The SRC and Prefects have a one-day leadership course early in the year for team bonding activities and to plan their year ahead, looking at where events can be combined, evenly spaced or compliment whole school planning. The student leadership group will have an opportunity to work with the school’s leadership team to assist with the implementation and review of the school’s strategic directions.



Students in Year 7 can nominate for Class Captain by following the instructions given at the beginning of the year. Voting will occur at the end of Term 1. School captains are required to live up to school values and expectations. They will involve themselves in a variety of opportunities as well as participate to the best of their ability in classes, including positive yard behaviour


SRC (Student Representative Council)

Students in Year 8-10 can join. To nominate for SRC students will need to follow the instructions given at the beginning of each year. Meetings are held at break times, with extended meetings during the year to help the running of activities. 



Students in Year 11/12 can nominate. This body is elected by the school (Years 9-12 and Staff). The Head Prefects are the leaders of the student representative group. There is a Head Boy and Head Girl. Prefect meetings are held fortnightly and usually before school.