The Physical and Natural World

The Physical and Natural World learning cluster consists of Mathematics, Science and Agriculture. In this learning cluster students develop an understanding about the world around them. Students will explore, investigate, question, model, analyse, research and evaluate relationships using agricultural, mathematical and scientific skills. Students cultivate capabilities, build confidence and ways of thinking to communicate concepts, solve problems and make recommendations to benefit our world.

Students will learn the subjects taught in The Physical and Natural World are as follows:


Students will develop a practical and theoretical understanding of agriculture. This will include learning about growing and selling vegetables and crops and the farming of various livestock for food and fibre production. In Agriculture students have the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and handle livestock. Students will develop their ability to work in groups and skill such as problem solving and planning and their critical and creative thinking skills.

Subjects taught in Agriculture are as follows:

Year 7 ­čí¬ 9 Agriculture┬á

Year 10 Horticulture

Year 10 Mallee Farming


SACE Stage 1 & 2 Agriculture



Year 7­čí¬10 Mathematics are studies as a full year subject and are structured around the stands of the Australian Curriculum; Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

Learning in Mathematics is an active process where students acquire and practise skills, whilst developing their understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning in the three strands. Learning is enhanced by the use of appropriate technology; scientific and graphic calculators and computer software.  

SACE Subjects taught in Mathematics are as follows:

Stage 1 & 2 Essential Mathematics

Stage 1 & 2 General Mathematics

Stage 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods

Stage 1 & 2 Specialist Mathematics



Year 7 ­čí¬ 10 Science are studied as a full year subject and are structured around the strands of the Australian curriculum: Science Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour.┬á

In Science students acquire a knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts whilst exploring how and where they relate to daily life. Students develop their inquiry skills and see how concepts, and related technologies, have been developed by scientists. Practical investigations allow students to discover or test theories by undertaking relevant experiments.

SACE Subjects taught in Science are as follows:

Stage 1 & 2 Biology

Stage 1 & 2 Chemistry

Stage 1 & 2 Nutrition

Stage 1 & 2 Physics

Stage 1 & 2 Psychology