Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is the responsibility of all staff members at Loxton High School. All staff members take time to make sure each student is involved and connected with our school.


Home Group Teachers play a key role in monitoring students' wellbeing, by developing a close relationship with each student. They are in an ideal position to help students manage issues as they arise. Good communication from students' parents/caregivers is a vital link in keeping Home Group Teachers informed of any student concerns.


Home Group Teachers are well supported by the Administration team and the Student Well-being team. If students need extra support our Home Group teachers or Subject teachers will refer students to our Well-being team which consists of the Director of Well-being, two Wellbeing Leaders and a Pastoral Care Worker.


All staff members are kept up-to-date with important department policies like Child Protection and Reporting Abuse and Neglect (RAN).


The publication 'Young Workers' - A guide to rights and responsibilities at work for young people and employers, is available for year 11/12 students at: