Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy Statement

Please refer to Loxton High School Anti Bullying Policy and Parent information pamphlet

Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy Statement

Parent Information Pamphlet


Schools Policies

Download File Size File Type
Assessment & Reporting Schedule 49KB Adobe PDF
Attendance Policy 55KB Adobe PDF
Attendance Policy - Application for Exemption Form 132KB Adobe PDF
Loxton High School BYOD 187KB Adobe PDF
BYOD Guidelines and Agreement 173KB Adobe PDF
Bullying (Anti) Policy 42KB Adobe PDF
Bullying and Harrassment Policy 67KB Adobe PDF
Decision Making Policy 44KB Adobe PDF
Emergency Procedures 103KB Adobe PDF
Hot Weather Policy 62KB Adobe PDF
Sun Protection Policy 59KB Adobe PDF
Internet, Electronic Data, Photographic Images and Mobile Phones Policy 54KB Adobe PDF
Use of Mobile Phones and Personal Devices Policy 54KB Adobe PDF
ICT & Cyber Safety Acceptable Use Policy 67KB Adobe PDF
Parent Complaint Policy 50KB Adobe PDF
Uniform Policy 76KB Adobe PDF
Work Completion and Achievement Policy 76KB Adobe PDF
Participation Policy - Events and Activities 45KB Adobe PDF
Catastrophic bushfire brochure 2018-2019 330KB Adobe PDF