Pedal Prix

Pedal Prix is a personal development program that is embedded in our school. It offers students the opportunity to be involved in a program that is designed to be accessible, sustainable and cater for individual needs.


To the uninitiated, Pedal Prix racing is a competition where teams of up to 12 students race 3 wheeled recumbent trikes against students from other schools. The aim is to complete as many laps as possible, of a race track, within the allocated time period.


From its inception in 2001, where the Loxton High School Pedal Prix team, took on the well recognised identity of ‘Blur Racing’, until now, the process of continuous improvement has seen us grow from a one trike team to a highly competitive three trike operation.


Whilst our results are impressive with multiple race and series wins, regular podium finishes and awards too numerous to mention, the development of our students and our team operation, is how we gauge success. The core values of our school underpin the program and drive our progress.

We compete in the Uni SA HPV Super Series, which involves 3 races throughout the year. Two races are 6 hours in length and one is 24 hours in duration. To cater for a broad range of students, we enter 3 trikes in each race and cover several different categories. Our ‘All Girls’ team competes in category 3 (U19) and involves female students from Years 8 to 12. We have a Junior team in category 2 (U16) and a Senior team in category 3 (U19) which are made up of students from Years 8 to 12.


There are many ways to become involved in Pedal Prix at Loxton High School:
The Year 10 Business Studies class manages the business side of the program, including sponsorship and data management.

  • Our riders enter through an extra curricular branch which involves physical conditioning, fitness recording and specific criteria incorporating whole school activities.
  • Community involvement is a vital component of our team. Parents, staff, community members and old scholars all play important roles.

The inclusion of an inaugural race on the streets of Loxton in 2014, as part of the Super Series, is testimony to the commitment of the Blur Racing Team to Pedal Prix racing, over a long period of time.