At Loxton High School the Years 8, 9 & 10 curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum, with students being taught in mixed ability classes. Selected students are able to undertake modified Mathematics programs, designed to support and extend their Mathematics learning.

At Senior School, our faculty offers Stage 1 and 2 Essential Mathematics, Mathematics Methods and Specialist Mathematics.


All students are exposed to Mathematical technology such as using graphic calculators and interactive Mathematics programs including Maths Online.


Our faculty aims to develop in all students, capabilities to:

- Understand the social and work purposes, uses and practices of mathematics and how these relate to each other and shape futures.

- Understand and use mathematical language in creative and critical ways – both terminology and symbols.

- Be confident users of mathematics who choose appropriate and accurate means for exploring the world and conducting their lives.

- Gain pleasure from mathematics and appreciate its fascination and power.

- Appreciate that mathematics is a dynamic field with roots in all cultures.

- Apply their mathematics learning to other learning areas.


Students are encouraged by the school to extend themselves in competitions such as Australian Maths Trust and ICAS (University of NSW) Maths competitions held Australia- wide.
For further information please see our Curriculum Handbook.