ICT Infrastructure

At Loxton High School students have access to an enormous amount of modern technology and the supply is increasing each year.


The school has three computer rooms and also a well resourced library with 16 desktop computers and 50 Acer tablets for student use. With a total of 145 Desktop machines, 325 student laptops in pods and portable trolleys that are distributed around the school, students always have access to help them with there learning.


This is well supported by 6 Servers, 10 printers, a photocopier, 3 scanners, 12 flip cameras and a fulltime onsite technician. Teaching and Administrative staff have a separate network of Desktops, Laptops and tablets that are also serviced by printers, photocopiers, document imaging cameras and interactive white boards to assist in the delivery of high quality teaching and learning.


The school has implemented a Learner Management System called DayMap that will allow staff to record lesson by lesson attendance, produce lesson plans and assignments as well as create end of term reports and in the future allow improved contact between staff and parents.


In March 2013 an Advanced Manufacturing facility was commissioned in the Design and Technology building that houses: Four 3D Printers; Two CNC Milling machines; Two CNC Engravers; 2 CNC Vinyl Cutters; 1 CNC wood Router; 1 CNC Plasma Cutter, supported by 22 computers and a colour A3 printer/photocopier. .