At Loxton High School students study the English Australian Curriculum from Years 8 – 10. The curriculum is built around the three inter-related strands of Language, Literature and Literacy. Teaching and learning programs are balanced and integrate all three strands. Together the strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. Learning in English builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in earlier years, and teachers revisit and strengthen these as needed.

Students engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment. They interpret, create, evaluate, discuss and perform a wide range of literary texts in which the primary purpose is aesthetic, as well as texts designed to inform and persuade. These include various types of media texts, including newspapers, film and digital texts, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic performances and multimodal texts, with themes and issues involving levels of abstraction, higher order reasoning and intertextual references. Students develop their understanding of how texts, including media texts, are influenced by context, purpose and audience.

In Years 11 and 12 English students focus on the exploration and development of English skills, strategies, knowledge, and understanding, for a variety of purposes. This is achieved through reading, viewing, writing, composing, listening, speaking, and using information and communication technologies (ICTs) in appropriate ways and for different purposes. Students are encouraged to read, consider, and appreciate a wide range of texts in various forms and media.

In studying Year 11 and 12 English, students develop confidence and competence in using the English language, and in understanding how texts are constructed for particular purposes and audiences.