COVID-19 Information




Loxton High School has created this page to keep parents/caregivers and the community informed about how we are managing the challenges of COVID-19. We wish our school community all the best as we work together in the best interests of those students who are learning from home as well as others who are learning at school. We will add to this page as new information and resources become available.


Flexible Learning Document

File Size File Type
LHS Flexible Learning - Student Parent Guide 1.1MB Adobe PDF


School Letters

File Size File Type
200130 LHS update - SA Health advice 65KB Adobe PDF
200203 LHS update - SA Health advice 58KB Adobe PDF
200223 LHS update - schools info, SFD, etc 234KB Adobe PDF
200316 LHS update - T1 adjustments 155KB Adobe PDF
200318 LHS update - info for families 234KB Adobe PDF
200402 LHS form - Learning at School or at Home 167KB Adobe PDF
200402 LHS update - Learning at School or Home arrangements 274KB Adobe PDF
200408 LHS T2 SACE Teachers - Digital Platform 14KB Adobe PDF
200408 LHS update - T2 arrangements Online Learning 255KB Adobe PDF
200427 LHS update - First day of Term 2 255KB Adobe PDF
200506 LHS update - return to Sem 1 Timetable 255KB Adobe PDF
200513 LHS update - learning update 255KB Adobe PDF


Minister for Education Letters

File Size File Type
200318 DfE Parent letter - 18-03-2020 339KB Adobe PDF
200326 DfE Parent Letter - 26-03-2020 268KB Adobe PDF
200407 DfE Parent Letter - 07-04-2020a 343KB Adobe PDF


ICT Information

File Size File Type
How to install Office 365 apps 396KB Adobe PDF
How to install Teams 169KB Adobe PDF
Teams Quick Start Guide 293KB Adobe PDF